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Phil Bodger has been engineering and mixing for the last 30 years, working on some of the biggest records with renowned artists. In recent years Phil has mixed tracks for the Sugababes, Lily Allen, Lene Marlin, Alison Moyet, Beverley Knight, Jamelia, Ray Davies, Alannis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and Robbie Williams as well as mixing a number of film scores.

In his early career, in-house at Lansdowne and Regents Park Studios, he worked with legends like Thin Lizzy, The Jam and The Sex Pistols. When he became freelance in the mid 80’s he worked with many producers including Trevor Horn, on Frankie Goes To Hollywood and John Williams, where he recorded and mixed both the first Housemartins (as well as all subsequent albums) and The Proclaimers albums. Phil then had a Billboard No. 1 with his remix of Maxi Priest’s ‘Close To You’, as well as several more top ten hits on both sides of the Atlantic with his co-production of Cathy Dennis’ debut album ‘Move To This’.

In the years that followed, Phil built his reputation as one of the most sought after mixers working with artists such as Sinead O’Connor, Brand New Heavies, John Cale, M People, Mark Morrison, Stevie Wonder, Lighthouse Family, Dave Stewart, Sade, Russell Watson, S Club 7, Gareth Gates, Tina Turner and Shea Seager as well as The Spice Girls reunion tour.

Phil has his own mix studio in Brighton, UK and has recently mixed albums for Joe McElderry on Decca, Andy Burrows’ recent hit single, “Because I Know That I Can” and Only Boys Aloud’s forthcoming album.

Only Boys Aloud
Andy Burrows
Joe McElderry
Gurmeet Singh
Joe McElderry
Joe McElderry
Smith & Burrows
Wouter Hamel
Ray Davis
Bombay Dub Orchestra
Helen Boulding
Maxi Priest
Amp Fiddler
Amp Fiddler
The Beautiful South
Alison Moyet
Lucky Jim
Dannii Minogue
Mixing, Overdub Engineer
Emma Bunton
Kirsty MacColl
Bebel Gilberto
The Housemartins
S Club
Stephen Endelman
Russell Watson
The Proclaimers
Lighthouse Family
Heather Small
Space Raiders
Stephen Endelman
S Club
Lene Marlin - Phil Bodger Re-mix
S Club
Stephen Endelman
Imogen Heap
Wax UK
Dannii Minogue
David Thomas
Mark Morrison
M People
Lighthouse Family
Lighthouse Family
Stephen Endelman
The Soup Dragons
Lighthouse Family
Dave Stewart
Juliet Roberts
Tenpole Tudor
Qui 3
Cathy Dennis
Ya Kid K
Maxi Priest
Dannii Minogue
Maxi Priest
Cathy Dennis
The Sugacubes
Dead or Alive
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
The Housemartins
The Housemartins
Murray Head
The Proclaimers
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
The Housemartins
Jim Capaldi
Orange Juice
Classix Nouveaux
Mike Heron
Graham Parker
Artist Title Credit
Only Boys Aloud Only Boys Aloud Mixing
Andy Burrows Because I Know That I Can Mixing
Joe McElderry Here's What I Believe Mixing
Dubstar Face The Music Mastered
Dubstar My Life Mixing
Turncoat Adventure in Skill and Chance Mastering
Gurmeet Singh Simar Mana Mixing
Joe McElderry Classic Mixing
Joe McElderry Classic Christmas Mixing
Smith & Burrows This Ain't New Jersey Add Prod, Mixing
Wouter Hamel Nobody's Tune Mixing
Ray Davies Collected Engineer, Mixing
Bombay Dub Orchestra 3 Cities Mixing
Blake And So It Goes Engineer
Helen Boulding It's You Add Production, Mixing, Mastering
Maxi Priest Best Of Maxi Priest Producer, Mixing
Amp Fiddler Inspiration Information, Vol. 1 Mastering, Mixing
Amp Fiddler Afro Strut Mixing
The Beautiful South Soup Engineer
Alison Moyet The Turn Mixing
Lucky Jim All the King's Horses Producer, Mixing
Dannii Minogue Hits & Beyond Producer, Remixer
Ray Davis Other People's Lives Mixing, Overdub Engineer
Emma Bunton Free Me Mixing
Kirsty MacColl From Croydon to Cuba: An Anthology Engineer, Mixing
Bebel Gilberto Remixed Mixing
Sissel My Heart Mixing, Producer, Engineer
The Housemartins Best of the... Engineer, Mixer
S Club Best: The Greatest Hits of... Producer, Engineer
Stephen Endelman Evelyn [Music from the Motion Picture] Engineer, Producer, Mixing
Russell Watson Reprise Mixing
The Proclaimers The Best Of... Mixing, Engineer
Lighthouse Family Greatest Hits Guitar, Mixing, Drums, Producer
Heather Small Holding On Mixing
Space Raiders Hot Cakes Mastering, Mixer
Stephen Endelman Passport to the Universe Programming, Mixing
S Club S Club Mixing
Lene Marlin Where I'm Headed Remixed by Phil Bodger
S Club 7 Producer
Stephen Endelman Jawbreaker Programming, Engineer, Producer
Boyzone Where We Belong Mixing
Imogen Heap I Megaphone Engineer, Mixing
Wax UK Magnetic Heaven/American English Mixing
Dannii Minogue Remixes Engineer
David Thomas Monster: Boxed Set Engineer
Mark Morrison Return of the Mack Mixing
M People Fresco Mixing, Engineer
Lighthouse Family Lifted Engineer
Lighthouse Family Postcards from Heaven Mixing
Stephen Endelman Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain Producer
The Soup Dragons Hydrophonic Mixing
Lighthouse Family Ocean Drive Mixing, Engineer
Dave Stewart Secret Mixing
Junior The Best Of Junior Engineer
Juliet Roberts Natural Thing Engineer
Tenpole Tudor Wunderbar: The Best of... Producer
Sunscreem O3 Mixing
Qui 3 Oui Love You Mixing
Sade Remix Deluxe Engineer
Cathy Dennis Into The Skyline Engineer, Mixing
Ya Kid K Awesome: You Are My Hero Mixing
ABC Abracadabra Mixing
Maxi Priest Best of Me Add Production, Mixing
Dannii Minogue Love and Kisses Remixing, Additional Production, Engineer
ABC Love Conquers All Mixing
Maxi Priest Bonafide Mixing, Producer
Cathy Dennis Move To This Engineer, Mixing, Producer
The Sugacubes Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! Engineer
D-Mob Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That Engineer
Dead or Alive Nude Re-Recording Engineer, Mixing, Engineer
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Rage Hard Engineer
The Housemartins Now That's What I Call Quite Good! Mixing, Engineer
The Housemartins People Who Grinned Themselves to Death Engineer
Murray Head Sooner or Later Mixing
The Proclaimers This Is the Story Mixing, Engineer
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Liverpool Engineer
The Housemartins London 0 Hull 4 Engineer, Mixing
Jim Capaldi Fierce Heart Engineer
Orange Juice ...Coals to Newcastle Engineer
Classix Nouveaux Night People Assistant Engineer
Mike Heron Mike Heron Vocals, Assistant, Vocals (Background)
Graham Parker Squeezing Out Sparks Studio Assistant
Year Project Title Company Credit
2011 Feature The Glass Man Tigermoth Motion Pictures Ltd Track laying, Dialogue editing, Re-recording mixing
2010 Short Film Habibti Nour Wazzi Score Producer & Mixer
2010 TV Documentary (2x60 mins) Red Bull Mentawais Dreams Friday Productions Ltd Dubbing Mixer
2010 TV Documentary (4x30 mins) Blauvelt's Backcountry Friday Productions Ltd Dubbing Mixer
2009 Feature Uncut Greenacre Films (Dir. Philip West, Comp. Ella Spira) Score Mixer
2007 Documentary Film Human Rights Human Wrongs, Justice For Dad, Over To You Amnesty International, Speak-It Productions Composer/sound design/mixer
2007 Short Film Stone Cold Lighthouse/First Light Score composer/mixer
2007 TV Drama Christmas At The Riviera Carnival Films for ITV (Comp. Nina Humphreys) Score Mixer
2006 Feature Film O Jerusalem Score recorder/mixer
2006 Short Film A Dog's Tale Dubbing mixer
2006 Feature Film Home Of The Brave "Try Not To Remember" theme song recorder/mixer
2006 Short Film You Can Go Now Tigermoth Motion Pictures Ltd Dubbing mixer
2005 Short Film Time Spinner Lighthouse / First Light Score composer/mixer
2005 Short Film Why You Left Me MGM Score recorder/mixer
2004 Delovely Delovely Winkler Films Music Mixer, recordist, score recording engineer
2002 Feature Film Blue Butterfly Gala Productions Score programmer/mixer
2002 Feature Film Evelyn MGM, Irish Dreamtime Score recorder/mixer. Co-producer/mixer "Angel Rays" feat. Gemma Hayes & Sisel
2001 Multimedia Show The Search For Life The Engine Group at The Hayden Planetarium, NYC Recording, programming & mix
2000 Feature Film Bride Of The Wind Paramount Score Mixer
2000 Feature Film Honest Tigermoth Motion Pictures Ltd Score Producer & Mixer
2000 Multimedia Show Passport To The Universe The Engine Group at The Hayden Planetarium, NYC Recording, programming & mix
1999 Feature Film Simba's Pride Buena Vista 5.1 Mix
1999 Soundtrack Album Notting Hill Polygram Filmed Entertainment Recorder/Mixer - The Lighthouse Family "Ain't No Sunshine"
1998 Feature Film Jawbreaker Columbia Tristar Co-producer, Recorder/Mixer
1998 Short Film A Little Faith Greenwich Films Music Superviser/Producer/Mixer/Recorder
1996 Feature Film Cosi Miramax Films Recorder/Mixer
1995 Feature Film Keys To Tulsa Polygram Filmed Entertainment Co-producer, Recorder/Mixer
1995 Soundtrack Album The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain Miramax Films Recorder/Mixer

Phil composes music for libraries, tv and advertising:

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